Exhibition Design in the Clock Building. A long road with great results

The design of exhibitions is a challenge that we have been facing for some years now and in which we are making a more and more interesting path.

Our mantras when working on these projects are to surprise the public, proposing a strategic route and proposing new and striking supports that integrate with the materials on display, so that each exhibition is unique.

Together with the Port Authority of Valencia we have given the Clock Building of the port a new life, turning it into a new cultural epicenter thanks to its new exhibition offer with really interesting themes linked to the city and the work of the organization with the progress of the city.

The exhibition of “
Quino, Mafalda and much more
“opened the map of this new strategic and design aspect. An exhibition of overflowing creativity in which we made the entire exhibition with innovative supports and life-size figures that introduced visitors to the comics of the famous philosopher-girl.

The result? The event was a great success with more than 25,000 visitors and repercussion in local and provincial media, making the Clock Building a new and attractive cultural proposal in Valencia.


València, porta al disseny
“was a challenge due to the quality of the content, with all kinds of packaging, labels and agri-food objects from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A summary of how the port was the protagonist and main actor in the expansion of Valencian design around the world thanks to artists and lithographers of the community.

The challenge in this exhibition was to integrate the design itself with the great variety and richness of the pieces on display, choosing orange and blue as representative colors of Valencia and the sea. Almost all the supports were worked on ad hoc to add value to the objects and invite the viewer to come and discover them.

More than 12,000 people from all over the province enjoyed the experience and several media outlets reported on it, making it a success both in terms of criticism and opinion.

Oranges Expo

With “
Valencian Graphic Humorists
“the proposal was completely new, proposing an exhibition that invites the viewer to enter an urban danger zone where critical thinking and humor go hand in hand thanks to the main humorists of the Valencian scene.

A set of 20 cylindrical structures that simulated the graffiti in suburban areas as if they were pillars on which the authors themselves have expressed their ideas as posters pasted in the suburbs.

Peridis, Forges and Ortifus among others, presented as they have never been seen before to, once again, generate a unique space adapted to the character of the exhibition.


The most recent action with the Port Authority in its Clock Building has been the exhibition “El Port de València al Segle de l’Or”.
The Port of Valencia in the Golden Age
“in which we have had the pleasure and pride of participating in its strategic conception and complete design.

A new route in one of the most ambitious paths of the organization, with replicas of products, trade routes and navigational instruments of the fifteenth century that filled the entire main hall of the building.

The proposal had walls and supports decorated in anthracite and gold that were a nod to the splendor of the period on display and that worked perfectly as highlights of the pieces, which ranged from paintings, to models, maps and ceramics. We replicate vinyls with engravings and materials of the period to dress the spaces and create a unique museum for the spectator.

A world of exhibitions in which we are delighted to combine strategy and creativity to achieve unique spaces. The objective is to make the spectator forget the adjective “boring” that often accompanies this type of spaces, and to turn empty spaces into cultural references full of life and art.