Camino de La Viña

Strategy and Business

We open the map

After the pandemic hiatus and a change in the Cooperative's leadership, they decided to change their communication strategy with the goal of reaching new audiences and positioning the brand of Bodega La Viña and its wines where it deserves to be as one of the leading wineries in the Valencia Designation of Origin (D.O.P.).

We set the course.

Taking advantage of the popularity of the most popular wine within the winery, Venta del Puerto No. 12, different creative proposals were developed where this wine took the spotlight, allowing consumers to taste the rest of the wines from the winery and enhancing awareness of the other marketed brands.

We reached the goal.

Great results such as increasing web traffic by 25% with conversion rates of over 5% or digital campaigns with a reach and impressions increase of over 50% helped us build enough trust with the client to open new paths and set new goals that we will successfully achieve together.