Destination ApturCV

Branding & Creativity

We open the map

In the face of the high demand in recent years for tourist rental properties and the problems generated for both the sector and society by illegal accommodations, the Association of Tourist Homes of the Valencian Community needed to make known the wide range of accommodations affiliated with the association that do comply with the regulations.

We set the course

In the project development, we devised a multichannel action plan that included the following actions:Restyling of the APTURCV logo:

We updated the original brand, which was born 20 years ago in connection with the Association of Tourist Apartments on the Costa Blanca and needed an update to align with the current times and audiences.

We developed a new content plan designed to address the identified issues.

Finally, we executed two campaigns, "HolaCV" and "WeRespect." The first was aimed at promoting the offer of legal Tourist Accommodations in the Comunitat through the portal, and the second for the dissemination of a pilot noise control plan in 500 tourist accommodations in Valencia.

We reached the goal

The actions scheduled for the last quarter of 2022 appeared in more than 50 general and specialized media outlets, with an estimated audience of over 10 million users. The website traffic increased by 300% compared to the same period of the previous year, and the association's social media accounts saw a significant increase in followers.

APTURCV has positioned itself as the leading organization in the legal tourist rental sector in the Valencian Community.

A complete success.