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We open the map

ESPORTIA informed us of their intention to launch software that would revolutionize data management for the esports sector. This is a rapidly growing industry with enormous potential for professionalization. It's a fascinating project filled with paths yet to be explored.

A project born to revolutionize the data sector for esports.

We set the course

t's been a fascinating journey where we've been involved in all aspects of the brand. From branding, UX/UI, launch campaigns, booth design, materials, and many more collaborations that have made us feel like participants in the software that will forever change the world of Professional Data and create a before and after in the world of esports.

This collaboration has taken us on incredible paths and to fantastic places.

We reached the goal

A software that will take you to the next level. Created to be the global benchmark for data providers in the video game sector. With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, it represents the second-largest digital audience after social media.

We keep moving forward, enjoying the journey, and keeping our sights set on achieving great goals.