Norauto Road

Branding & Creativity

We open the map.

We share with Norauto a journey of more than 5 years with a challenge as clear as it is complicated: to unify the communication of the automotive giant across hundreds of brand touchpoints.

The goal is to infuse every piece with the brand's essence, its "Automovilista&Responsable" spirit, and to effectively and meaningfully convey every offer and communication without ever losing sight of Norauto's objective.

We set the course

Working with a brand whose relevance is present across various digital, physical, and interactive platforms. Adapting brand, product, and corporate responsibility campaigns to a wide range of formats without losing the essence in any of them.

Conceptualizing and designing new in-store supports and ad hoc campaigns to become as effective and sustainable as possible with each new challenge.

We reached the goal.

A path filled with successes walking alongside Norauto, a brand that continues to grow and become one of the leading players in Spain in its sector. A source of pride for us.