UPVers, new goals

Marketing & Advertising

We open the map

At Alumni UPV, they wanted to boost both awareness of the organization and the actions and events taking place both inside and outside the University, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of members in Alumni.

Synergies, entrepreneurship, knowledge dissemination, coaching, mentoring... were the key strengths of the organization that we chose to highlight in the campaign.

We set the course.

Considering the high international recognition that the Polytechnic University of Valencia has as leaders in technology, art, and science, and with the aim of highlighting the sense of belonging to the UPV, we introduced the concept of "turning the ordinary into extraordinary."

In the era of social media, influencers are known for shaping and influencing the decisions of millions of people, while the true role models remain in anonymity.
To convey our message, various campaign materials were created:
  • Campaign Launch Event
  • Alumni UPVers Website
  • Internal Communication Supports within UPV
  • Branded Content
  • Outdoor Advertisements
  • Social Media Posts
  • Merchandising

We reached the goal.

We select 5 successful professionals linked to UPV and transform them into true heroes of social change, "Real Influencers." The result...

  • More than a 30% increase in new enrollments in Alumni UPV compared to 2021.
  • Over 1,159% reach on Instagram and more than 11,000 campaign impressions on social media.
  • In outdoor advertising, we reached 2,000,000 people with 11,000,000 impressions throughout Valencia.