Silver Owl at Educafestival with Alumni UPV

UPVERS Real Influencers campaign awarded in the Educational Center category

We have been awarded with the Silver Owl at Educafestival, International Festival of Educational Advertising, in the category of Educational Center, for the campaign developed together with Alumni UPV under the slogan.
“UPVers Real Influencers
to highlight the talent of the alumni of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

After the recent rebranding and rebranding of the agency, winning this award has been the best way to say goodbye to our previous stage as SBQMedia and start with the best foot the new path as walk[think].

Alfredo Ferraro, Vicente Martí and Pedro Llobell, managing partners of the agency, together with Belén Arrogante, UPV Alumni Coordinator, came to collect the award at the gala held in the auditorium of CaixaForum, Madrid.

The objective of Educafestival is to raise awareness and stimulate advertisers and agencies, as influential agents in society, to make their communication more creative, responsible and efficient, and thus change habits and attitudes in their audience. Betting on the educational power of advertising, this festival rewards in each edition different communication strategies that achieve their purpose in a creative way.

Looking for the real influencers

In walk[think] we are very grateful for this recognition, it has been a pleasure to work together with Alumni UPV to highlight the effort and constant work of people who have been formed in their classrooms.

Through a comprehensive campaign, where we have combined online and offline actions, we managed to reach the user with an impactful graphic, making known anonymous people who through their constant work have managed to be real heroes in different areas of society. These graduates, despite having no likes and being completely anonymous, are the real influencers.
turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

After following a marketing and communication strategy, we highlighted the sense of belonging to this group of alumni, achieving an increase in the number of enrollees.

An “award-winning” start

This award comes at the best time, and in recognition of more than 15 years creating the communication of national brands and currently working with more than 50 public and private clients.

We have a team of expert guides in different areas and a multisectorial and multidisciplinaryexpertise that makes us stand out in the present and anticipate the future.

We are walk[think], an experienced guide, and we want to be your companion along the way without letting go of your hand throughout the journey. If you want us to help you make your project a success, contact us.