Social Media Trends in the tourism sector for 2024

As every year, in December, new trend reports for the coming year start to emerge. If you are in the tourism sector, you will love this article. We tell you all the social media trend predictions for 2024.


Social networks with vertical formats in which content is created in a few seconds and the user chooses what to see and which ones to slide to the next, as is the case of TikTok, shorts on YouTube and Reels and stories on Instagram, will continue to be in vogue. It is essential to create content quickly and easily available since it is the consumer who decides in the first few seconds whether the content interests him or not.


Today social networks are an opportunity to create community with your audience and a showcase for companies to sell products and services. Social Selling is a technique for selling through social networks, by actively listening to the public.

However, we must keep in mind that, although there is room in networks for more commercial publications, we must not forget that our community is not there for commercial content, but for the valuable content we offer them.


The population of the late 1990s becomes potential customers by 2024 who are old enough to travel without their parents. In Generation Z more than 65% use Instagram and YouTube on a daily basis, therefore, it is very important to know how to target them through these social networks. We must provide entertaining and transparent content with personality, offering more quality than quantity, as they tend to value brands that interact with their community more.


As we have mentioned before, the key audience is Generation Z. One of the social networks most used by this generation in 2023 has been BeReal, which has grown exponentially throughout the year and by 2024 is expected to continue to do so.

This social network was created with the aim of reflecting the authenticity of the users, eliminating the superficiality that is reflected in other social networks. This consists of a notification that can arrive randomly every day, at any time of the day, warning you that you have two minutes to take a picture of that moment and share it. When taking the photo through the social network, it is taken at the same time with the front and rear camera without any filter.


Another trend in 2024 is the creation of communities in networks such as Slack, Discord or Telegram, where it is possible to create a group with a common interest. This tool can help you to be in the minds of your consumers every time they need a service or product that you offer, for example, if you are a tour guide and you create a community through this platform to share information of interest with them, when participants need a tour guide, they will take you into account.


The future of social networks is expected to be virtual reality, so it is important to take advantage of it in 2024. Virtual reality can provide the tourism sector with the possibility for travelers to get a more realistic idea of what the chosen destination and accommodations will be like, and this technology will continue to evolve in the not too distant future.


With the new Twitter Blue subscription, tweets are no longer limited to 280 characters, but you have the privilege of writing up to 4000 characters. In 2024, on the X network (Twitter), it will become fashionable to write longer posts, as is the case on Facebook or Linkedin.


Social networks play an important role in the tourism sector, offering companies the opportunity to connect with their audience in a direct and effective way. From marketing strategies to online reputation management, social media allow tourism companies to stand out and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive environment. Visibility, community building and influence on brand perception are just some of the advantages that social networks bring to the industry, contributing significantly to the success and sustainability of tourism businesses in the era.


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