The eSports sector, a growing entertainment industry

Esportia website, trends, design and functionalities of the current gaming environment.

The eSports or electronic sports are evolving in a surprising way and are becoming more and more popular, becoming a global phenomenon.

Esportia, a company specialized in the creation and management of eSports sections for top-level sports clubs and advice to companies in the eSports sector, through our partner Wits Company, relied on our agency to develop its new official website.

Taking into account the trends, design and functionalities of the gaming environment, we propose a website where the design and creativity is very present to show an avant-garde aesthetic and all this with the necessary digital security and demanded by the user.

In this way, this web platform serves as a letter of introduction highlighting its services in the world of gaming.

There are more and more eSports fans, a new entertainment that generates marketing opportunities that should not be missed: know your target audience well, use the same language, interact in the right channel, collaborate with influencers…

From our agency it has been a pleasure to develop the official website of Esportia, betting and specializing in the eSports sector.